Mi Casa Su Casa, or How to Get 175 Roommates


Mi Casa Su Casa or How To Get 175 Roommates
(An Airbnb Host Tells All)
by James Carey

Written by James & Silvie J. Carey, and performed by James Carey, Mi Casa Su Casa is the true life, funny, yet human, story of how James ended up a successful AirBnB host in Los Angeles. As perfect strangers from all over the planet invade his house, James describes how to deal with people sharing your bathroom, the extremely odd requests that they make, and the very strange things they leave behind. This comedic one man show talks about the differences and the commonalities that we all share and that bind us together as humans, and the extraordinary changes that being a AirBnb host causes to your daily and personal life.

Mi Casa Su Casa, or How to Get 175 Roommates (An Airbnb Host Tells All) debuted at the San Diego Fringe Festival, won the Critics Choice Award at Portfringe Festival in Portland, Maine, in 2018, and shared the stage with Kirsten Vargsness of CBS’ Criminal Minds at Theatre of NOTE in Los Angeles in February 2019. After the Rogue Festival, it will continue to Atlanta Fringe in June and other places during summer 2019.

He met his wife Silvie, when she moved into his house as an AirBnb guest from Denmark and never left. She has been his partner for seven years (4-1/2 married) and seen most of the crazy things that have happened in the house. It was her idea to turn some of these stories into a show and a possible web series. She serves as co-producer on the show and tries to make every event. She works as an independent translator for film and TV doing subtitling in German, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian languages.

James is a writer/director living in Los Angeles, where he ran the Attic Theatre from 1987 to 2012, and is now the Artistic Director of SkyPilot Theatre in LA. He has directed/produced/taught/performed in theatre and film all around the world including living and working with non-profit arts groups in Zimbabwe from 2012 to 2015. 

Carey’s first one man show, Coming to Zimbabwe was an international success. The show debuted to sold out crowds and wonderful reviews at the Harare International Festival of the Arts in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 2013. The show then toured Malawi, South Africa, and back to Zimbabwe in 2014. It has also played in the United States at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (twice) in 2015 and 2016 and the Atlanta Fringe Festival.



I felt like I wanted to be in this home, among these people, and one of the things that I love the most about the invitation into this man's life and the literal invitation that he extended at the end of the show is that it isn't just a metaphor. You could actually go to his house and do this. It was a very interesting story, highlighting human connection and then allowing the audience to connect as well. And the narrator didn't present himself as solely heroic. He was vulnerable, flawed, capable of noticing the beauty of a house guest doing yoga and willing to admit that some of these guests annoyed the hell out of him. It was a strong performance. I was rapt. Presenting AirBNB hosting, as much as traveling, as a gateway to seeing the world in a new way was novel and exciting.




Mi Casa Es Su Casa
Review by Rebecca Potts

Have you ever thought about welcoming complete strangers into your home for the night? Well, James Carey, an AirBnB host, has done it for years, and he doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. And with travelers from several different countries moving in and out every day, there’s bound to be miscommunications, misunderstandings, and, of course, parties. In Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Carey shares what it’s like to have 175 roommates (and counting), and how running his own “hotel” has truly changed him.

Carey begins by explaining how he became the sole owner of a historic home with 17 rooms and far more space than he needed, and dives in to the series of events that led him to become an AirBnB host. Although the journey hasn’t always been easy, he’s made friends across the globe and even found love along the way. From a guest driven crazy by the sound of clocks to a couple who wouldn’t leave the kitchen, Carey’s tales are amusing and heartfelt and will leave you with a brand-new definition of family.

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  "It's a great look into being an AirBnB host with all the curious and interesting ways the interactions with strangers can change and influence your life. If you haven't put this on your list, I recommend it, he's a great storyteller". - Chris DeFilipp, Producer

"... the presenter is entertaining and charming and kept the audience interested. The anecdotes are funny and poignant."  - Audience Member

"... this is an enjoyable and lighthearted way to spend an hour. " - Audience Member